A word from Natalya and her pup:

You may frequently hear unconditional love compared to that of a dog, so devoted to its human companion. But just as God is the reverse spelling of dog in the English language, it seems that it's easy to get the unconditional love of God backwards, twisted, mixed up in God's wrath. Scriptural depictions of God's wrath are generally related to God's rejection NOT of people but of harm and injustice perpetrated against God's creation and creatures. (Parallels to barking dogs exist here, too!)

My hope is to help people shed misconceptions about God's love and wrath that cause us to get God's unconditional love backwards. No, God's not a slobbering puppy dog, but God's grace goes before us and God welcomes whoever turns or returns to God as eagerly as a dog rushing to greet its beloved people, whether we've been away a day or longer.

Dog is love!